About TBC

There are some family traditions stronger than others; and to us at Tom Brigman Contractors, Inc., quality service drives our work and services. Tom Brigman Contractors, or TBC, was incorporated in 1972 into the field of public utilities; and was formed by Mr. Lloyd Brigman and Mr. Harvey Kinard. Lloyd served as president of TBC from 1973 until 2004; and during this time, constructed a small business built by hard-work ethics and a sense of personal accountability. In 1997, Blake Brigman assumed position as Corporate Secretary and began purchasing shares of the company until he was sole shareholder in 2004. In 2004, Blake assumed position as President, continuing the TBC family values of his father before him. Today, TBC’s has a great track record in hometown Newberry, SC - and we have a good history of satisfaction and  are dedicated to getting the job done.

Key Personnel

Blake Brigman, TBC President:

Blake Brigman is the son of Lloyd Brigman, company founder and patriarch; and grew up around the business and inner-workings of TBC’s services. Blake graduated from Newberry High School in 1991 and then attended Clemson University, achieving his bachelor degree in Construction Science Management – graduating in 1995. Upon leaving college, Blake returned to his father’s company and was a project manager from January 1996 to December 1996; in addition to being Vice President from January 1997 to December 2002. Blake then bought out his father, the former CEO and President, and assumed the position of President of TBC January 2003 – becoming the current CEO. Blake’s ability stems from the unique experience of growing up in the industry, personally seeing projects unfold, and keeping a pulse on the current technology of water and sewer infrastructure. Concurrent with this advantage is his knowledge of right and wrong in the field, which goes hand in hand with the personal relationships he has with his employees. Blake is available upon requests.

Lloyd Brigman, former TBC President and current Corporate Secretary:
Lloyd Brigman was raised in Newberry, SC, in the late fifties and early sixties. Lloyd had always been the entrepreneurial, no non-sense type but upon graduating high school pursued a teaching degree with Newberry College – a small, private Lutheran college located also in Newberry, SC. Upon reevaluating his profession, Lloyd turned his love of hard work to the growing water and sewer industry, which at the time was in high demand in Newberry. From a single septic tank truck, Lloyd built a business on determination and honest work, which in 1970 would be incorporated as Tom Brigman Contractors - a name arisen from his Grandfather. Lloyd would go on to grow his company, add employees and invest in his local community. As he once put it, “the key to success is getting up earlier than the other guy, and not leaving until the job is done.” Lloyd, although retired, is still an active part of the community and when needed; TBC. Lloyd served as President for 31 years, from 1973 to 2004. Lloyd is Corporate Secretary but is retired and not available.

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Joshua Pitts, Project Manager:
Joshua Pitts (known simply as Josh) is a Newberry, SC native who brings new life to many of the services of TBC. Graduating from Newberry High School in 2007, Josh attended Clemson University and has his Bachelors of Science Degree in Applied Economics and Statistics – as well as a minor in Agribusiness Management – of which he achieved December 2011. Josh then went to work at TBC, where he began as Assistant Project Manager. Josh started working with TBC in 2012 and in 2014, Josh assumed the position of project manager; working with the Pres. Blake on projects and jobs. Extending his level of expertise, Josh became CEPSCI certified in 2015 (Certification of Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspection). Josh’s experience includes being Project Manager at SC Sod Producers Association, Statistical Clerk OA in the SC Field Office of USDA NASS, and Forestry Technician and Surveying Instrument Operator for Thompson Forestry and Surveying Co. Josh is available upon requests.

Tommy Brigman, Head Superintendent:
Tommy Brigman’s experience goes back to 1977, when he worked installing septic tanks with Brigman Septic Tank Service. He continued to do this until 1982 – when he started with TBC. Tommy began as a pipe-layer and equipment operator, but has been a foreman/superintendent since 1985. Tommy has a vast experience in the industry, completing approximately 20 projects since 2001 associated with yard piping and elevated tanks. Tommy has completed waterline projects ranging in size from 2” to 36” and length of up to 400,000 LF. He has also completed sewer projects including outfall, subdivision, rehabilitation, pump stations, and minor treatment plant upgrades (a full list of Tommy’s accomplishments is available upon request).

Jamey Mack, Supervisor:
 Jamey Mack graduated from Piedmont Technical College in 1994 and hit the ground running as a machinist for Hamm’s Machine Shop from 1992 to June 2004. Jamey became Quality Control Administrator in June 2004 until November 2007 – when he became Foreman at TBC in November 2007. Jamey supervises over half of the workforce, and is very goal-oriented.